Inspection and certification of your helideck and hoist area

We provide helideck inspection services onshore and offshore, during construction phase or when already installed on an installation or vessel. We support you during factory acceptance tests (FAT) for helidecks, helicopter hoist areas and accompanying installations such as firefighting or refuelling systems as well as during site acceptance tests (SAT) or offshore acceptance tests for approval (OAT). Depending on the requirements, we provide detailed expert witness reports for all inspection items and provide certificates, such as helideck inspection certificate, hoist area certificate.

Helideck grip test

Helideck grip tests or friction tests are required within all major regulations for helideck operations. We have decided to test helidecks with the Findlay Irvine micro GripTester which is approved by CAP437 and an accepted means of measuring friction of helidecks by BSH. We can also perform friction testing based on NATO Standard ANEP-88. For more information about the Findlay Irvine micro GripTester please follow the link.

Helideck personnel assessments

Helideck Landing Officers (HLO) and Helideck Assistants (HDA) are key personnel for safety on the helideck during flight operations. If all other measures fail, HLO and HDA will be the first on scene and in charge of initial response after an incident on a helideck. Therefore, we provide services around emergency response plans, helideck inductions to helideck personnel as well as training and helicopter rescue exercises.


Your offshore wind farm and its aeronautical assets go through various phases, we accompany you through all of them. We advise you and help you define an efficient setup in the planning phase. We assist you in achieving authority approval and help you maintain a safe flight operational setup until decommissioning.


We offer to provide you with the complete package of documents required to achieve safe flight operations. This includes the legally required documents, but beyond this minimum we support you with documents implementing your safety culture in your flight operational setup. We support you in establishing a flight safety management system to strive for safety excellence.