Octagon Consulting with their certified aeronautical experts make your offshore flight operations safe and compliant. We provide you with our knowledge and advice around

  • Offshore flight operations
  • Helidecks on vessels and fixed installations like substations or converter platforms
  • Helicopter hoist areas on wind turbine generators, substations and vessels

Octagon Consulting will be your competent partner for consultancy in all phases of your offshore project:

During Planning

We will support you with advice when implementing legal and normative standards as well as good industry practice during planning. Specifically we provide you with essential documents for submission to your contractors and authorities:

  • Expert statement regarding location of helideck
  • Expert statement regarding suitability of helideck and helicopter hoist area
  • Specification of helidecks
  • Audit reports and expert witness reports
  • Concepts for flight operations, training and coaching of relevant personnel

During Construction and Commissioning

Octagon Consulting are aeronautical experts recognized by BSH and other relevant authorities. We ensure your flight operational assets are compliant to relevant standards:

  • Inspection reports for helidecks (expert witness report) in accordance with requirements such as CAP 437, EASA HOFO, ICAO Heliport Manual and BSH
  • Helideck friction surveys (grip tests) with Findlay Irvine micro GripTester (as per CAP 437)
  • Inspection reports for helicopter hoist areas
  • Quality assurance during helideck construction
  • Essential flight operational documents such as
    • Helideck Manual
    • Helideck Regulations
    • Helicopter Hoist Area Manual
    • Flight Operations Manual
    • Helicopter Coordination and Registration Procedures
    • Manual for Helideck Personnel (HLO Manual)
    • Task Resource Analysis
    • Emergency Response Planning
  • Inductions and coaching for helideck personnel and coordination personnel
  • Witnessing of Helicopter Rescue Exercises / Helideck Emergency Drills
  • Helideck Certificate, Hoist Area Certificate as required by clients or authorities

During Operations and Maintenance

We ensure your assets’ flight operational integrity and support you in maintaining flight safety. You will receive the following services:

  • Recurring inspections of helidecks including the relevant expert witness reports and helideck certificate
  • Recurring inspections of helicopter hoist areas including the relevant expert witness reports and helicopter hoist area certificate
  • Helideck friction surveys (grip tests) with Findlay Irvine micro GripTester (as per CAP 437) including report and statement of compliance
  • Review and updates of flight operational documentation
  • Consultancy service for aeronautical problems
  • Coaching and assessment of helideck personnel (HLO and HDA)


We are supporting offshore flight operations with our service page helideck-directory which provides relevant information on helidecks and helicopter hoist areas on offshore installations and vessels.

You require assistance in regard to Personal Protective Equipment? We rely on the competence of PSAgA-Prüfservice Reken for inspection of our PPE.

You are looking for advice in the field of occupational health and safety or safety engineering specialists for your offshore windfarm?
Oktagon Ingenieur- und Sachverständigenbüro may be able to help you.